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LabMACS thrives on dynamic collaborations with renowned institutions, universities, and forward-thinking companies. These partnerships are instrumental in propelling our research, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in Marine and Educational Robotics. LabMACS remains dedicated to building a collaborative ecosystem where the synergy of diverse partners propels us toward groundbreaking discoveries, impactful applications, and a shared vision for the future of marine and educational robotics.

We collaborate through:

Consortia and Partners. This collaborative approach brings together expertise from academia, industry, and other fields to tackle complex challenges collectively.

Joint Research Initiatives that span academic disciplines and industry sectors. By working together, we contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge research and the development of innovative solutions.

Cross-Border Collaboration. Our engagement with the European Commission exemplifies our commitment to contributing to European research initiatives, fostering international cooperation, and addressing global challenges.

Here, we proudly acknowledge our esteemed partners we have been working with over the past five years: