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Marine Robotics

Marine research is a captivating journey into the enigmatic realms of our oceans, where science and exploration converge to unlock the secrets of the deep. It’s an interdisciplinary endeavor that encompasses a multitude of scientific fields, from marine biology and oceanography to environmental science and geology.

Remote Operated and Autonomous Exploration 

LabMACS engages in the design and development of  autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). These vehicles, equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, enable autonomous exploration of the ocean depths. 

Scientific Endeavors and Environmental Monitoring 

The marine robotics initiatives contribute to scientific exploration, allowing researchers to delve into marine biology, geology, and environmental conditions. LabMACS actively supports studies aimed at understanding and preserving the delicate balance of ocean ecosystems and the marine sustainability. LabMACS harnesses the capabilities of marine robotics for non-intrusive environmental monitoring. From tracking marine life migrations to assessing the impact of climate change, our research provides valuable insights into the health of our oceans.

Underwater Archaeology 

LabMACS collaborates in underwater archaeology projects, utilizing marine robotics to explore and document submerged historical sites. This intersection of technology and archaeology contributes to the preservation of maritime cultural heritage. 

Industry Support 

LabMACS actively contributes to the offshore industry by developing robotic systems for inspections, maintenance, and repairs of underwater structures. Our focus on efficiency and safety enhances operations in the oil and gas sector. 

    • A WAV file dataset of bottlenose dolphin whistles, clicks, and pulse sounds during trawling interactions (2023)
      F. Di Nardo, R. De Marco, A. Lucchetti, D. Scaradozzi
    • The Development of a Low-Cost Hydrophone for Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Dolphin’s Vocalizations (2023)
      R. De Marco, F. Di Nardo, A. Lucchetti, M. Virgili, A. Petetta, D. Li Veli, L. Screpanti, V.Bartolucci, D. Scaradozzi
    • Design of an Underwater Robot Propelled by a Novel Class of Bio-Inspired Thrusters (2022)
      D. Costa, M.C. Palpacelli, G. Palmieri, L. Carbonari, C. Scoccia, D. Scaradozzi
    • A low-cost approach in acoustic monitoring of dolphin presence (2022)
      R. De Marco, F. Di Nardo, A. Lucchetti, M. Virgili, A. Petetta, D.L. Veli, L. Screpanti, V. Bartolucci, D. Scaradozzi
    • A digital twin infrastructure for designing an underwater survey with a professional DPV (2022)
      V. Bartolucci, N. Ciuccoli, F. Prendi, L. Screpanti, D. Scaradozzi
    • Design of a Labriform-Steering Underwater Robot Using a Multiphysics Simulation Environment (2022)
      D. Costa, C. Scoccia, M. Palpacelli, M. Callegari, D. Scaradozzi
    • Experimental Validation of a Bio-Inspired Thruster (2021)
      D. Costa, G. Palmieri, D. Scaradozzi, M. Callegari
    • A Prototype NIRS Device to Increase Safety of Diving
      D. Animobono, D. Scaradozzi, G. Conte
    • A novel DPV as a holistic platform for real-time physiological status assessment of divers (2021)
      D. Scaradozzi, N. Ciuccoli, A. Pugliese, V. Bartolucci, S.M. Egi, M. Memişoğlu
    • A 4G robotic platform for shallow water operations (2020)
      G. Conte, D. Scaradozzi, D. Animobono
    • Design of a carangiform swimming robot through a multiphysics simulation environment (2020)
      D. Costa, G. Palmieri, M.C. Palpacelli, D. Scaradozzi, M. Callegari
    • Modeling and control of a low-cost ASV (2012)
      G. Conte, G.P. De Capua, D. Scaradozzi
    • Underwater vehicle technology in the European research project VENUS (2009)
      G. Conte, L. Gambella, D. Scaradozzi, S. Zanoli, A. Caiti, V. Calabrò
    • Innovative technology for studying growth areas of Posidonia oceanica (2009)
      D. Scaradozzi, G. Conte, G.P. De Capua, L. Sorbi, C. Luciani, P.G. De Cecco
    • Underwater cartography for archaeology in the VENUS project (2008)
      P. Drap, J. Seinturier, G. Conte, A. Caiti, D. Scaradozzi, S.M. Zanoli
    • Data gathering in underwater archaeology by means of a remotely operated vehicle (2007)
      G. Conte, S.M. Zanoli, D. Scaradozzi, L. Gambella, A. Caiti
    • Photogrammetry for virtual exploration of underwater archeological sites (2007)
      P. Drap, J. Seinturier, D. Scaradozzi, P. Gambogi, L. Long, F. Gauch